Stone Décor

Stone Décor is a new and innovative product, which consists of a thin layer of natural stone, produced by bonding a true stone veneer to glass fiber substrate. This gives a greater surface elasticity and provides resistance without changing its beatiful natural finish.

This is a brand new way of decorate your home or workplace; it takes little effort and is completely dust-free. Stone Décor can be applied on walls even in poor condition, such as surfaces with cracks or moisture problems. This way you can renew every space you want with no effort and in a cost effective manner.


A premier surface that combines the best of what nature has to offer with the latest in technology.

Highly compacted Quartz has a sophisticated look, feels and weighs just like natural stone, but with a much higher consistency and quality. Composed of at least 95% inorganic materials. This allows you to create from the most beautiful kitchen worktops to the most innovative commercial project. The consistency of its color is incomparable to any other natural stone.

Compact Marble

This versatile material is produced by reconstituting marble blocks with special polyester resin. The agglomerated material has a similar appearance to natural quarried marble allowing you to create new similar colors as well as a wide variety of shapes and decorations.

Combining elegance and functionality Compact Marble is a truly versatile material for home and commercial use.


Onyx, one of the most important ornamental and therapeutic stones. Has been used throughout Antiquity, many people prize this stone as a strong and powerful amulet. Representing the earth, the solidity and everything that is tangible. It is a mineral with a special brightness and colour, it is valuable for its rarity, hardness and beauty. This translucent material allows infinite possibilities and is the trend material of choice within Architecture and Decoration projects.

When compared with other surfaces, its durability and ease of maintenance is infinitely superior.


The Granite is a crystalline rock composed of a diverse misture of quartz, feldspar and biotite. This is a natural result from the consolidation of the earth's magma rich in silica, produced from recent metamorphosis of sedimentary rocks.

It combines great esthetic and durable qualities yet still embodies the power of nature, merging perfectly robustness and emotion.


Today we are able to enjoy the beauty of this natural product and live with the elegance and beauty of marble that nature provide us with.

Marble is a purely natural and unadulterated stone, always with its own unique characteristics, as a direct result of its original geological make-up. When the consumer buys a piece of marble it is pure and unique. The next purchase will not be the same, will always have a small difference in feature or pigmentation.


Originating from areas with hot springs with the precipitation of calcium carbonate which produces a material with interesting varied forms. This is an individual material that is hard, compact and dense, usually fibrous with concentric structure. Travertine is unmatched in beauty.


Limestone is famous for its amazing versatility and strength and is very popular for practically every possible applications of natural stone, which makes this very attractive choice for coverings, flooring, masonry, interior design, among others, accepts well most finishes.